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Travel Obsessed
Freedom Seeker
Freedom Obsessed
Travel Hacker

My brain works differently than most. It always has. I receive a great deal of accomplishment, excitement and happiness from finding legal loopholes, hidden opportunities, doing the impossible and always pushing the limits of personal freedom. Freedom is always my goal and the more I have, the more I need. I am willing to work like a madman to get what I want. I spend thousands of hours of research to build the life I want.

 I have learned many “hacks” in my life but none of them compare to travel hacking. When I started playing the travel rewards game, I became beyond obsessed to learn the hidden systems, methods and secrets to free travel. I learned that the legends are true. You really can use travel hacking to explore the world for damn near free. etc. You can use the travel rewards programs to build with as much freedom as you chose. I am living proof. I earn millions of travel reward points and redeem them for free first class flights, baller hotel rooms, Airbnbs, rental cars and so much more.

The few travel reward experts with this kind of knowledge usually don’t share the best secrets (as fear they will be lost). I think differently, my passion is sharing this life changing information with others. I know that as soon as one secret changes (and they will), I will find another secret just as valuable.

The  playful approach

I am joker at heart and try (often poorly) to bring some humor to the mix. I take a playful approach to my business, teach my students to stack travel miles and blow up their Instagram with jealously and have fun every damn day. Life is too damn short to be boring. Come learn the art of travel hacking with me & maybe smile some along the way!

Travel Rewards Consulting

I’ve taught dozens of clients, friends and family how to travel anywhere in the world for (nearly) free using the art of travel hacking. I believe that If your next flight isn’t free you’re doing it wrong. If your ready to start crossing off your bucket list, I offer travel rewards consulting. Whether you’re new to travel reward miles or want to take your current knowledge to the next level, I got your back.